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FITNESS 5D  Virtual Interactive

FITNESS 5D  virtual three-dimensional (stereoscopic) is a unique innovative and exclusive attraction of WindProduction/Sany 5 d which, as of 2013, will be common in many gyms and entertainment centers world-wide.

FITNESS 5D is enriched across time with other sensory experiences (bike equipped with movement: up, down, left curve, right curve) with special effects to simulate scenic routes and suggestionals, air and flurries sudden snowfalls to give difficulties in maintaining the dynamic movements accompanied by music for appropriate  workout.  These are the ingredients that have led to the definition of the so-called "

WINDPRODUCTION SANY & 5 d,  a company founded in the area of CINEMA 5 d 5 d SIMULATORS &, presents the new, sole and exclusive  frontier of interactivity.

FITNESS 5D  WINDPRODUCTION & SANY's 5 d uses several innovative and unique systems of its kind, and has created an amusing and attractive way to entertain the audience without losing the enthusiasm of training and at the same time allow the public to interact with three-dimensional movies.

The final product is a lounge with a big screen from which the objects seem to literally come out of the bike, which moves within the atmosphere, through special effects (smoke, air, water), immersive music, all perfectly synchronized to create a total interaction with the projection in live time and a complete and fantastic sensory experience.

The entire audience (or part of it) can workout in a three-dimensional environment in live time. We are not talking about small, short intervals in established minutes, but a real FITNESS   workout with ongoing interaction and virtual projection in 5D

An example of this type of installation is the standard FITNESS 5D  Virtual room in which there are 8 bikes for FITNESS 5D  d Virtual, where professional and amateur users, take a virtual journey throughout different path modes (easy, medium, hard, and expert), with suggestional landscapes ... ranging from the mountains of Kenya, to tropical forests, up to the skyscrapers of New York.

The STANDARD installation consists of a central computer with special software developed by SANY 5 d, an INNOVATIVE projection system  UNIQUE IN THE WORLD for eight users (with possibility of extension), a large stereoscopic projection screen and Dolby Surround audio system, which will not exclude the rest of the users who participate in the course.


FITNESS 5D  Virtual, designed to impress

FITNESS 5D  Virtual training and amusement at the same time

FITNESS 5D  Virtual is a virtual journey across 40 minutes of physical activity, aimed at developing and improving physical and mental capabilities

FITNESS 5D  Virtual can function even without an instructor





This unique and innovative system is launched in the ITALIAN and

FOREIGN markets by:

WindProduction & SANY 5D

For information and clarification on our INNOVATIVE PRODUCT OF THE YEAR



This unique and innovative system is launched in the ITALIAN and FOREIGN markets by:

WindProduction & SANY 5D

For information and clarification on our INNOVATIVE PRODUCT OF THE YEAR



WindProduction & SANY 5D

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